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Personal Training and Fitness Coaching for High-Achieving Individuals 

Want to Avoid Burnout While Still Achieving Your Biggest Goals? 

If you're tired of ... 

... on-demand programs that don't seem to work for you. 
... your same-old routine in the gym. 
...not seeing results that increase your strength and stamina. 
... achieving your goals in your career, but feeling out of balance everywhere else. 

I can help.

As a busy, high-performer, I know you're used to showing up in other areas of your life, but when it comes to your health and fitness, you don't have time to waste on workouts that don't get you results. 

And by results –– I'm not just talking about getting stronger physically. Training your body is about training your brain to achieve more (without sacrificing precious time). 

As an IFPA Certified Personal Trainer, I help high-achievers like you get into peak performance through the SISU Method so you can reach your goals faster while enjoying your life more. 

Hi, I'm Christy - The Motivator and Trainer You've Been Looking For

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"I am at the gym thinking you saved my life by getting me here."   

"Thanks. Thanks for being a true lady who builds others up and does not judge."

Lindsey L.

"SisuTraining is led by an amazing woman that pushes you and supports you."

"I had done a few random classes but decided to committ to the 3 week boot camp and couldn't be happier. Prepared to work your mind and body."

- Gary M.

"Now I am feeling incredible, motivated and just alive instead of hating being in photos lethargic and just damn tired all the time." 

All I can tell anyone is, go do it, make the lifestyle change. Why sisu training? The answer is easy....this is a long road and a lonely one sometimes but Christy walks through every step with you and when you have a bad day or wobble it's great to know she is there I owe her my heartfelt thanks and so much more. Go be the best you can be you will never look back

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Can three months of the SISU method change your life? 
The short answer: YES.

SISU 1:1 Training 

Taking a trip and need a go-to plan customized? 
This is it. 

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The ultimate personal training for individuals who are ready to step it up.


Exercising and Staying Healthy Don’t Need To Be Time-Consuming

But, what does it cost you to put your health at the bottom of your list?

As a high-achiever, you know big wins come from perseverance and grit.
It's how you've accomplished everything so far. 

If you are ready to change your life, you need more than a once-a-week gym session or a box program you bought from an infomercial. 

Designed to help you transform your life quickly, the SISU method uses a combination of tried-and-true training techniques, brain science, and effective workouts to help you achieve more in less time.

We May Be a Good Fit If...

You live by the adage, "if it's meant to be, it must begin with me." 

You have more grit than a Montana parking lot in the winter. 

You're tired of being tired and feeling burned out. 

You know a coach will help you get to your goals faster. 

You are ready to transform your life. 

You'd rather invest in your health than pay a hospital bill. 

You want results, and you want them for life. 

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